Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bella Award NTV7 - Premium Beautiful Professional l Agent became Hai-O spokesperson!

Assalamualaikum & Hello Hello!

Alhamdulillah yesterday marked another wonderful day for me in the year 2013! This year IS going to be super exciting indeed!!! Weehuuu!!! 

I was informed about this programme about 3 weeks ago, by none other but our beloved CDM Abang Azlan Deraman. I was chosen by our B32 family to be the sole representative for Hai-O Marketing Sdn Bhd to present about Premium Beautiful in the BELLA AWARD NTV7 Workshop that was held in SHERATON IMPERIAL HOTEL, KL. I was of course, OVER THE MOON!!! 

It was suppose to be  an hour session with 80 participants from different backgrounds, inclusing readers of Hello! Magazine, News Straight Times Press group, NTV7 viewers and many others. It was nothing short of a 5 star programme! 

Let's take a look at the pics k!

Me & my dayangssss :) Luv ya, Alina & Virdan!

Arrived at 10am, we registered first before proceeding to yummy breakfast

Being greeted by Ms Izra, from NTV7.. a pleasant surprise when I introduced myself, "Hye, I'm Aisyah and I will be presenting on the corset," and she said " Oh, you're the doctor?" . Ha ha! Proud to represent Hai-O, Baybeh!

With the lovely staffs from Hai-O, Ms Lyza, Scarlett & Liza

The girls from Hai-O B32... sweet!!

The itinerary of the day....

Ricki Lake- look & feel studio set 

Cant deny it, I was ELATED to see my name there! Hihihihi!


First session from Nini Marini... She's a model cum artist cum executive producer. Love her slot so much! She reminded us not to let other people label us, who we are :)

Nini in action

Getting some fashion advise from Nini. She said my peplum is ok, my belt is ok but get a more slick skirt to silloutte my hips :) OK darl!

"Photo-gediks" session with YMG representatives!

The BFFs who are there to support me yesterday!

Oh my she's SO TALL!! and SO FRIENDLY!!! Luv ya Nini!

Lunch time! 

The gorgeous Lina from Hai-O

My model of the day, Alina :) 

Bread can never look tastier than this!

Lamb masala, anyone?

Seafood raviolla for me!

After lunch I changed & put on some make.. er... by a make up artist of course... Dress by Calvin Thoo, make up by MAC, scarf from Radiusite

Me & my girls

Love the make up!

Ala-magazine pose gitu!!

Me before the presentation

My instagram just before the presentation. During presentation the staffs from Hai-O took my pics so I am still awaiting for them to send me the pics :) Who knows I can go this far with the corset PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL! It only made my life more BEAUTIFUL!

My big big supporters.... thanks girls : CDM Suhana, CDM Zura, CDM Kathy, CDM Ayu Lisa, CDM Yaty & CDM Azie

Me with the 2 Bella Finalist, Melle & Brittany

Last session was make up session from REVLON. Love the new lisptick, it has moisturiser in it, will be launched next month :)

What else to do after a make up session? PHOTOSHOOT of course! YIPPIE!!
I'll upload the pics from the photoshoot in the next entry k!

Taking some time to answer questions from audience regarding Premium Beautiful

With Mynn the lovely MC for the day

With Ms Izra from NTV7

The Hai-O gang with NTV7 backbones

With NTV7 and TV8 Group General Manager, Miss Airin Zainul

It was a really breathtaking experience for me, and I stood tall,extremely proud to represent Hai-O,my beloved company to present on the amazing Premium Beautiful corset. 

You can be where I am standing now, if you choose to. You know my number, so do contact me :) See ya!

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