Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Aging : A Beautiful Journey...

Salam all,

For a  few days in the end of January I have been attending a course in my university, called the Kursus Asas Pengajaran that was held for us the new lecturers. The course in all had been OK (so-so more like it haha!). All the professors had been encouraging all of us to be Professors by the age of 50 (which I can't picture myself yet)

However this morning we had a very inspiring talk by a Professor Emeritus Dr Khairuddin Yusoff who wrote the book Aging: A Beautiful Journey.

He was a highly successful Obstetrician & Gyanecologist (Pakar Sakit Puan) in one of the renown university in Malaysia. He has multiple publications and further his studies in Australia.

He met his wife, a beautiful Australian lady when he was in the Down Under country and got married. However he was very busy with his work he did not have much time for his family and his 2 daughters.

Reality hits him when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed away at the age of 36! Then only it made him realize that he had not been a good husband or father. He was highly successful in his field of work but he could not say the same regarding his personal life.

At the age of 50 he changed coursed. He realised there are more to life than just work. He regretted it took him a death of a beloved spouse to woke him up, but he started to live his life nonetheless. He started climbing mountains, which was his lifetime dream. And he run a triathlone, beating men and women half his age! He lived his life to the fullest!

Prof Khairuddin when he joined Celebrity Fitness Triathlon challenge. Yup, he's that old guy with white hair in the middle! 

His last words in his lecture was, "no matter how you want to pursue your dreams, always remember. The most important part of your life is to be a good husband or wife, be a good parent, and contribute to your society". 

In contrast to the rest of his collegue that had preached to us that getting that a professorship is more important that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life, I'd say Professor Emeritus Khairuddin Yusoff is one inspirational man. For all it worth, I will live up to my life & pursue what's important in MY LIFE.

Hai-O had been my conscious choice, informed choice. And I found it as a more realistic way to achieve my dreams without compromising my role as a mother and a wife....

Big applause to you Prof! CARPE DIEM

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