Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Official photos of Bella Award NTV7


saje je nak share gambar Bella Award hari tu from the press.. Hehe

Here goes...

Mr Tan Kai Hee, Mr Teoh Nee Siang and the VIPs of Hai-O

The CDMs from the left : CDM Suhaila, CDM Maisara, CDM Hanis, CDM Natasha Aimee, CDM Nazira and Me lerrr.. hehe

First time la ada press nak amik gambar I kan.. I bukan celebrity pun... Maybe ni la first and last kot sbb don't think this glamour world is my cup of tea... :p

See you!

Speed up Shanghai!

Hye dearie!!

So sorry dah lama tak update blog ni.. sejak balik dari London a lot of things happened... Good ones as well as not so good ones... 

One of my good friends just passed away in late March from breast cancer. She was only 34 years old and just had a baby last year. So girls, please please please do you SELF BREAST EXAMINATION monthly.. It will only take about 5 minutes, under the shower. Who knows it might save your lives! May Allah grant His mercy to my friend Kak Bad.. She left a widower and 2 small kids aged 5 and 1.

So Shanghai package has reached it's end! Tinggal 6 hari je so to my business partners yang dah qualify, million congrats!! Yang belum tu dont worry, masih ada masa lagi untuk speed up! Ingat lagi we qualified one ticket to Paris in 2008 in a month! Memang fight giler masa tu tapi TOTALLY worth it..

Fight till the end! Never give up! Next trip who knows, kita gi EUROPE lagi! Weehuuuu.... Good luck!