Saturday 30 June 2018

Don't get unfit and flabby, mommies!

It is NOT easy for a mom to get some me-time to exercise, I'm telling you!

On a Sunday morning, when you are all set to work out, hubby dearest said , "darling , there's nothing for breakfast."

You know he'll go out and buy something,  but you just couldn't let him so end up you cooked some healthy(ish) breakfast for him because you just love him and the kids so much .

Then as you stepped on your elliptical, your kids started yapping about their pencil missinh laaa, their glue not there laaa, and the toddler started crying laaa...

It's is NOT easy!!!

Then you just had to put on your mom-ster hat and ROARED "I ONLY HAVE LIMITED TO EXERCISE SO PLEASE LET ME!" , then only they'll leave you in peace.

So there you go

My yapping and my first ever work out after a whole 6 weeks of hiatus during Ramadan & Raya.

Well done, me!

Go for it  other mommies!

Don't get flabby and unfit!

We want to stay fit and healthy!