Thursday 13 June 2013

The story of "poo" !

There were a husband & a wife who had been trying for years & years for a child. They wanted a child to brighten up their lives. They were farmers & live in a large farm with a beautiful house on the ranch. 

The husband is a positive person & always believe in good thing will happen to good people. The wife in the other had is a pessimistic person. She gave up & think she is just not meant to have children. 

After trying for ten years, they underwent multiple gynaecological treatment, they were blessed with a twin, 2 healthy & beautiful boys. 

As the boys grow, the parents noticed that they have a totally different personality. The first twin is a happy child, very optimistic , very helpful child. At the age of 6, he is very mature & bright. The other twin is always unhappy, always have a negative view towards life. 

The father was concerned & referred the children to a child psychologist. He wonders if there is any method to "infect" the second twin with his brother's positivity. 

The psychologist asked the father to bring them home, give an expensive & fun gift to the negative twin & give something bad & cheap for the positive child. 

The father went home & do as he was told. He gave the second twin an automated, remote controlled racing car. As he unwrapped the gift, he said , " Huh, a toy like this would surely get broken within minutes!" . And he remained unhappy! 

The first child was given a huge box of horse's excrements (yes, poo!) . His respond was," WOW!! With this amount of shit, there must be a pony for me!" 

Morale of the story: positive people will always think positive & changing a negative person is not a simple task. 

Be positive! :) 

~gambar hiasan

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  1. yup agree! changing a negative person never always be a simple task.... *_^