Friday 29 July 2016

Appreciating motherhood

When I got home from work yesterday, and I tried to lie down for 5 minutes before continuing my house chores, I can't get a 5 minutes of silence I wanted so badly. 

I heard laughters, sound of Lego being poured out from their container, the TV blasting songs from Nickelodeon channel, and few minutes later arguments among the 3 siblings 

I wanted to scold them, but then I realised they will not always be like that. In a few years they will be teenagers, minding their own business, no more Lego/little pony/ racing cars toys for them 

I know someday I will miss all these noises. 

Someday my house will always be tidy but I'll miss the clutter of toys. 

Someday they'll be in college & the house will be quiet again but I will wish for it not to be. 

For now, I will bear the noise, the clutters, the arguments. 

For someday, I'd give up anything to have them the way they are now, and at that point there's no turning back time. 


(This post was written on 29/7/15, when I was in my second trimester pregnancy with our 4th child) 

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