Sunday 21 August 2016

Bad mother vs good mother

Must tell this to ourselves as mothers, we ARE NOT BAD MOTHERS if 

✅ we don't cook every single day for our children 

✅ we let our kids eat fast food once in a while 

✅ our kids' school uniforms are not entirely spotless 

✅ we forget our kids' school projects once in a while (I even forgot to fetch my baby once from the babysitter, after a very long day 😖) 

✅ we lost our patience and yell 

✅ we want to buy a nice dress we don't need with our salary (because you're worth it!) 

✅ we want to spend RM300 on a spa session once a month (to restore our sanity) 

✅ we want to go to sleep at 9pm 

✅ we have a maid 

So other people might have a different opinion. 

Let them be (i.e screw 'em) 

They are not paying any of our bills 😏

Yours sincerely, 

Your fellow imperfect-mom. ❤️

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