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Sheikh Zoubir : Mahabatullah Part 2 & finale (The love of Allah)

These are the group of people who Allah loves:

️ Muttaqin :
people who compete to gain Allah's Love 
- when anything (and everything) you speak, think of, do is all about ALLAH 
- like we are obsessed with Allah, can't wait to be with Allah, because we love Him --> this is how Rasulullah SAW is 

The story of Prophet Musa & the angel of Death.
When the angel of death (Izrail) met Prophet Musa Alaihissalam (AS), he punched him . When the angel went back to Allah SWT to report on this (although Allah SWT knows everything), Allah said ," convey to Musa, that with the fur of an ox, that you touch with your hand, we will give you (Musa) 1 year (extension of your life, if you do not wish to die now). 

he angel went back to Prophet Musa AS & conveyed this, and Prophet Musa AS asked,"Will in the end there'll be death? " 

The angel answered yes, and then prophet Musa agreed to die on that day.  

In contrast, Rasulullah SAW welcomed the angel of death & refused when offered an extension of his life. Rasulullah SAW loves Allah SWT so much that he could not wait to meet Allah SWT. 

Allah's love is eternal as compared to humanly love & He is the shifa' (brings cure of all illnesses)
- the biggest sign of Allah's love: MAGHFIRAH (forgiveness) , as maghfirah equal to  Jannah 

In the surah Ali-Imran ayat 31, Allah reminded us how to show our love towards HIM - "if you love Allah, fattabi'uni" (follow Rasulullah SAW) 
- if we cannot follow the small sunnah, we cannot do big sunnah for example, eating with our right hand, always have something to cover the head (for men), be nice to the neighbours etc, as compared to the bigger sunnah which is jihad
- However we should question ourselves,  how can we do jihad, if we cannot even pray at the first Saf in the masjid (for men)
- we cannot conquer the enemy if we cannot conquer ourselves (eg during tarawikh, restless & wants to go back). Once we are in battle field, we are facing merciless enemy of Allah who would kill us. If we cannot even conquer our nafs, how can we face a bigger enemy?

- people who worship Allah as if they see Him. If they don't see Him, verily Allah see them 
- these people always feel the presence of Allah in everything we do eg when we sit in a class learning about the dean, when we are working etc
- Muhsinin are also defined as generous people who gives infaq for the sake of all (in abundance)

- people who really put their hope ONLY upon Allah 
- these people do not depend on people at all , they would leave everything that Allah hates eg working with a company who do riba, although it may mean they will be jobless, as they believe there will be other jobs available, as Allah is the Provider, and not the company
- Rasulullah defined tawakkal as follows: when we wake up in the morning, not depending on anyone, leave our home with tawakkal as if a bird who left their nest in the morning , and comes back to the nest with a full stomach (al-hadith)

Tawakkul- depends on people (the opposite of mutawakkilin) 
- eg children not trained to be independent , cannot do house chores, cannot do simple tasks 

- peopla who fight for Allah's sake 
- they will kill & be killed
- they will be fighting in a saf (sign of unity) 
- they stand up for injustice 
- and we cannot be hating someone who is loved by Allah ?(Do not hate the mujahiddin who are fighting for the sake of Allah like those in Palestine)

- people who do taubat regardless they sin or not sin 
- istighfar even after we do ibadah like after solat, zakat, umrah , after a majlis - it shows our humility 
- Sa'id Ibn jubair : I didn't find myself amongst the muhsinin, mutawakkilin, mujahidin but I am amongst the tawwabin (his humbleness)


- physically clean - self, office, home, 

- Muslim are known to be clean. During the war in Spain, the 

crusaders identify the muslims houses by identifying clean 

houses (and they will kill the occupants) 

- unfortunately the cleanest city n
owadays is tokyo. Japanese the cleanest people . Do dakwah because if the Japanese embrace Islam, they can bring Islam much further. 

- it is our fitrah (nature), that we love cleanliness even babies

 (hence they cry when the diaper is dirty) 

- non Muslims in France buy meat from muslim shops as the  
 meat are clean 

How to love Rasulullah SAW? 

We cannot love Rasulullah & follow him if we don't know 


- attend classes to get to know him 

- once you know Rasulullah, you will start loving Rasulullah
- sheikh Zoubir's seerah class (Saturday in TTDI) 

Sunnahs are encompassed of 3 things

1- things that Rasulullah did

2- things that Rasulullah said 

3- things that he didn't do, but the sahabah did & Rasulullah 


Examples of sunnah
- gets married in Syawal (married Aisha RA) 

- sit on one leg during eating 

- most of the time he covers his head 

- tahajjud at the last third of the night 

- sunnah to sleep right after isyak 

The westerners are great not because their way of life, but

 their way of work. 

There are sunnahs only for Rasulullah (and not for us)

1) wajib for Rasulullah to do qiam 

2) only Rasulullah can marry more than 4 at one time 

3) marrying Aisha RA at young age 

4) marrying Khadeejah RA who is older than him 

30,000 hadith narrators are ladies, not a single one appear in

 hadith ma'zhub (lied upon) 

A lot of hadith ma'zhub are from men narrator 

Hadith will not be accepted by a person who is
- urinating standing 

- riding on a very young donkey (zalim)

Nowadays these acts are equivalent to (eg)

- wear t-shirt Manchester/ Barcelona (cross & red devil on

 the shirt) 

- wearing Bermuda shorts 

- wearing Versace/ YSL / La coste (read on the founders)

Imam Bukhari : only accepted 7000 hadith from a million 


Imam Ahmad : memorize 1,000,000 Hadith 

Rasulullah only allowed Abdullah Ibn Umar to write the 


The rest are only allowed to write Al-Quran as the Quran was

 still being revealed (to avoid confusion) 

Only 100 Hadith qudsi are authentic

Hadith is also a wahyu as Allah inspire Rasulullah to say 


If Allah give us test after test when we start going to become a 
good muslim, remember the Rasulullah SaW's seerah 

- born yatim 

- married Khadeejah & lost her at the most critical time 

- hurt during the battles etc

- fell sick

But all is because ALLAH love him

Another sign ALLAH loves us: 

Taufiq - all our opinion is guided by Allah ( wahyu will not be 

given anymore but intuition is given to a lot of good people 

esp mothers) 

Another sign: people love us 

Careful , there are people who love you for money/fame etc 

Let people love you for your knowledge , makes difference in 

people's life. 

Another sign, we do good to our parents, it shows that 

ALLAH love us

Allahu alam

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