Wednesday 28 August 2019

Be that moment

One of the reasons I love working in a hospital, is that I like to observe the patients and their family members.
This is one of the stories. 
Sometimes I see them in tears.
Sometimes in laughters.
Sometimes I cause them to cry, and laugh.
When I see an elderly patient who is sick, it makes me very grateful that I have 4 very healthy parents.
When I see dying children, it makes me want to go home and hug my bouncing children albeit sometimes they drive me close to insanity
When I walk pass the mortuary and a family huddle together consoling each other after someone passed away, I would quickly call my husband and tell him that I love him so much and I'm glad that we still have one more day with each other.
Appreciate each other.
Love each other
Take one minute in your busy life, to be with each other, be quite, and BE THAT MOMENT.
Be thankful to Allah, and to each other, and fall in love, again and again.
Do it today.
Because tomorrow is not a promise.

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