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The importance of the last 10 days of Ramadhan

The importance of the last 10 days of Ramadhan ( By Sheikh Zobair Boucikhi from UIA) 

Imagine we are 83 years old, 1 night that equals to all these years. 
- jihad 
- solat 
- fast 
- sadaqah 
- umrah 
- hajj 
All done continuously in 83 years (1000 months) 

We might not live till 83 years, minus our childhood, and minus the 1/3rd that is being used for sleeping 

Loser: those who lost this night of power , and not been forgiven 

The reward is great, but the punishment for sins done in the night of power is also great 

Expect the last odd 10 nights of Ramadhan ( from maghrib to Fajr) 
- the best is if we can limit our sleep 
- zikr (the best: subhanallahi wabihamdih , adadakhalqih, waridhanafsihi ....) = ma'thurat 

- lahawlawalaaaquwwatailla billah = 1 golden tree planted for us in Jannah 
- doa
- solat 
- read Quran 

Last 10 days: increase the ibadah altogether (BETTER not equal to 1000 months) 
- share your iftar food, invite friends/ neighbour for iftar 
- sadaqah even if RM1 every day/night = value of 83 years of sadaqah = RM30,295 x 10 =
RM30,395 x 70= Ma shaa Allah how rich we are.  (RM21 million) 
- 2 rakaat before we sleep = 21,206,500 solat 
- 1 page of Quran = 21,206,500 pages. 
- tahajjud 

Must do business with Allah! 

RM1 x 83 years x 365 = RM30,295
RM1 x 1000 x 30 = RM30,000

Each Hasanah: times 10
= RM302,950 

Imagine each Hasanah : times 70
= RM21,206,500 (RM21 million! sedekah) 

So much hasanah in the last 10 days 
- iktikaf ("I am sure I am not doing sin") as masjid is the safety zone for the believer, we sin more when we are outside masjid 

Rasulullah only missed his iktikaf in Ramadhan only once as he was doing jihad, so he qadha this during Syawal 

Sisters can iktikaf in the private room for few hours, read Quran, Solat etc, just few hours to limit yourself , some times between isyak & Fajr. 

The signs of the night of power
- after midnight, go out for a while. Look at the sky. If it is the night of power, the peace & serenity of that night is great. 
- clear sky with pink tinge (like an aurora) 
- mist (not rain, but misty) 
- neither cool nor hot
- usually you can only tell when we have passed Ramadhan ( in retrospective) 
If you see these signs, leave everything that you do & worship Allah 

But we shouldn't wait for the sign, because we love Allah unconditionally 
The proof that Allah loves us: 
- Allah created us (even before we were human)
- Allah made us human 
- Allah made us Muslim 
- Allah made us Sunni (Sunni is not the section in Islam but the ummah itself cause we follow Rasulullah) 
We did nothing to deserve these gifts but Allah gives it to us anyway (proof that He loves us) 

The signs after lailatulqadar 
- the sun is white as it rises (provided the horizon is clear, no haze etc) 

If Allah see goodness in your heart, He will give you more goodness. If He see that we are sincere, He will give us the sign of lailatulqadar 

From the day we make taubah, and we try sincerely to come back to Allah, let say at the age of 40, and we passed away at 70 years old. Imagine 30 years x 1000 months (lailatulqadar) = as if we have lived longer than Nabi Adam. 

We can live a thousand years after we die by living a legacy. Some leaders are being cursed even years after they passed away (Nauzubillah) 

Go to the grave for women, after Fajr & Asar. Make doa & then leave. Do not go after Asar. The doa will benefit them (the arwah) in shaa Allah 

Don't say tomorrow or later on, as when we have intention to do good, that is an intuition Allah gives you. Don't delay. Same with when we have dream of someone who we have not meet for a longtime or someone who passed away , make doa for them. Allah gave us the intuition. 

Umrah in Ramadhan like we do Hajj with Rasulullah = all the sins will be forgiven like you are a newborn 

Don't think that these last 10 days of Ramadhan as the last days of Ramadhan but it can be your last 10 days of your lives. We might not live long enough to meet the next Ramadhan. 

Sins: at the moment of doing it there is sweetness but afterward the feeling of darkness & pain

Rewards: when we are doing it, like when we are praying tarawikh, it feels heavy but there is the sense of accomplishness afterwards. That great feeling like a mother who undergo tremendous labour pain but then forget her pain after having the baby in her arms 

What is the comparison of akhirat with dunia? 
No comparison at all
We are always young, as the time has ends 

Iktikaf for women, 
The best place is her own private room where she sleeps, with an area to pray. 

Gaza: victory when they captured an Israeli soldier as Israel would rather have 100 of the their army killed than have 1 captured. The family of the soldier will put pressure to their leader so that they will have their son back. 

The syahid, their souls goes into a green bird in Jannah & they live till the Yaumal akhirat. 

May Allah makes you & me amongst those who are not fear death 

The doa of ghaib, when we make doa for our brothers & sisters the malaikat will say "and you have the same " 

Rasulullah saw asked Saidina Umar to make doa for him when he went for hajj, as the doa of a Muslim brother to another is makbul 

- make the 6 days of fasting to train the nafs (no different in doing it 6 days in a row or stagger them) 
- equal to fasting for the whole year 

Do more ibadah now, longer rukuk & sujud as one day we might not die yet but we might not have the health. 
If we take care of our health during our younger days, when we are older, the health will take care of us. 

Use Ramadhan as the biggest oppoturnity to stop smoking. Sisters be the help for the husband to stop smoking. 

No special ibadah on the night of the Eid. Just a lot of takbir. But if you are used to qiyamullail then you can continue. 

It is not enough to be good, but we must spread good. Be active in spreading good. From the 10 of the sahabah who were promised Jannah, Saidina Abu Bakar brought 8 of them into Islam. Invite people to good, prevent them from doing bad. 
All good deed, will be recorded & Allah will reward you, even if people don't know. 

The story of kinship: 
Syaima' is the nurse-sister of Rasulullah, from the nursing mother of Halimatussa'diah. 
They were separated at young age & never met till Rasulullah become a prophet in madinah. She went looking for Rasulullah and asked who is Muhammad? Rasulullah said "I am Muhammad " and she said ," I am Syaima', your sister." Rasulullah hugged her for a long time, let her sit at his seat & ordered food for her. 
Morale: Don't severe ties with our blood brothers & sisters, as Rasulullah even values kinship from the same nursing mother so much. 

2 weapons our enemy cannot strip it away from us, and can even defeat syaitan: wudhu & doa 

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