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Sheikh Zoubir (5) : The Judgement Day

Sheikh Zoubir

The day of judgement (Yaumal Qiamah) 

Mentioned in Quran many times 
- Surah Qiamah
- Surah Al-zalzalah (Yaumal akhir) 
- Al-haaqah (another name of Yaumal Qiamah) - the day of accountability 

We must believe that the whole universe will end & die, not just us. 
After the day of judgement, there will be no day, except eternity 
No Monday/ Tuesday etc only Friday will remain for us to see Allah 

If there is still Monday/ tues etc, it means there will be the end, at least the end of that week. 

Yaumal Qiamah: the beginning of eternity , no day or night in Jannah, no sun. We got the light from the Nur of Allah, perfect as it doesn't burn our skin like the sun 

Al-hayaatuddunia : there is an end to this 
Al-hayaatulalkhirat: the life with no end 
- No end for pleasure in Jannah nor any end to pain if one in the hellfire (Nauzubillahi min zalik) 

Taubat nasuha to gain Jannah 

All human from Adam AS till the last person being called by Allah, all will be naked but no one worry about that as everyone is so worried about Jannah or hellfire 

Even Nabi Ibrahim ask who is Ismail & Ishak? Why do I have to do with these two 

Nabi Musa doesn't know Nabi Harun 

Maryam will not recognize Isa AS

Nabi Muhammad is the only person who will think & looking for his ummat 

Allah will reward those of Al-Abrar (those who do Bir/khair) - all sort of kindness --> in jannatunna'im 
- smile all the time 
- don't harm people 
- remove things from the pathway 

The opposite of Al-Abrar : Fujjar (plural of fajir) - in jahim (hellfire) 

Smart people don't let a day pass without doing good 
- khair : other than solat

After the ten signs, the Muslims died from the breeze that will be blown from shams, under the nose or under the armpit, we will die of a peaceful death . Only the bad people remains 

Then the trumpet being blown by israfil : the blow is so strong that not only the human die, the noise is so loud that earthquake will starts, explosion happen in the oceans, the sky starts falling like pieces of glass 

Even the people/ creatures of the heavens die 

Only 4 angels remain with Allah 
- Izrail 
- israfil
- Jibrail 
- mikail 

Allah asked Izrail to take the life of Jibrail , he was praying at that time. Izrail gave him salam & tell him Allah asked to  take his life after the prayers. 

He prayed," Allah please make the fate of death easy on me" - (morale: do our prayers till the end of our lives)

Then Allah asked to take the life of Mikail 

Mikail was preparing the cloud , Izrail told him Allah asked to take his life. 

He said the same doa. (Morale: do not stop doing our duty till our time comes to return to Allah) 

Then Allah asked Izrail to take the life of Israfil 

Israfil was preparing to blow his trumpet (the second calling to resurrect humans) & Izrail told him Allah asked to take his life , and he did after Israfil made the same doa. 

Then Allah asked Izrail to take his life in between Jannah & jahim 

Then Allah ask who remains, and no one answer. 

Allah ask "who is the king of all kingdom?" And He answered He is. (And truly only He is the King) 

The first one to be resurrected is Israfil to blow again & resurrected everyone 
- Allah send rain & we grew from our little bone at the end of the vertebrae (coccyx) 
- our souls will be send back into our bodies
- Allah will program us to stand in mahsyar where there is no mountain/ no trees/ no rocks, it is a flat surface 
- we are not even allowed to walk one step forward or backward. 

- even the malaikat will line up 
(For each human being, there will be 99 malaikat) 
- no human allowed to speak unless whom Alllah allow them to. 
- even if we speak, it'll be the truth 

How long is this day? 
50,000 years 

Wise people do qiyamullail, tarawikh & hajj to prepare for the big day to stand up for a long time. 

The first one to be judge is Nabi Muhammad SAW but it'll be a light judgement 
(We pray Allah make it easy for us & goes to Jannah without judgement )

Always attribute the good deed to Allah , the bad deeds from ourselves 

We will be called by our names, son or daughter of our mothers 

We are the lucky ones if our books come into our right hands. Always use our right hand so that we get use to using the right hand 

Mentioning of this day of judgement in:
Surah Arrahman 
Surah al-anbiya 
Surah Az-zariyat

Elements of Faith: 
- Makrifatullah 
- Makrifatul Yaumal Qiamah 

Surah At-takathur : we pile up our property, shoes, clothes till we enter the grave 

Those who accept the book with their left hand, have no one to blame but themselves 

When Allah created the universe, He put His Mercy into 100 parts, He gave 1 part into the universe & 99 parts were kept for the Day of Judgement 

Don't look down on sins 
A small sin can spoil a big good deed eg backbiting, urinating while standing up & didn't clean himself

The Mizan: the scale of good deeds & bad deeds 
- a lot of good deeds: go to heaven 
- a lot of bad deeds: to the hellfire 
- 50-50 deeds, they will be in Al-aaraf 
- it will be a fair trial , Allah will ask "Did we wronged you?"

Then it is the time to cross the Siratul Mustaqim 

Everyone will cross it, the Muslims & non Muslims . Those who gets the book with their right hand, will cross it. Those with bad deeds will fall

Underneath it is the hellfire 

One man will crossed like lightning: Abu Bakar As-Siddiq (spreading good deeds ) 

Others cross it like:
Running horses
Struggling but still cross it successfully 

If you fall, it will take 50 years to reach the bottom of hell 

After the heavens' gate is sealed, Allah will ask Izrail to bring death in shape of a sheep & asked him to slaughter it. There will be no death after this 

Hadith: when Allah called us , we will not even allowed to move , until s/he is asked on 4 things 
- your life (umur) & how you spend it 
- your youth & what did you do with it? (13-30 years old) --> a lot of us make sin during young. It's good to send the kids to pondok/ learn Quran/ grow up in masjid - children are our investment 
- where did you get your money & how do you spend it (we gain halal income but we spend on handbags? Aren't there any orphan people around you? Those in need? )
- your knowledge , what did you do with your knowledge (eg praying sunnah after Zuhr, fasting every Monday & thurs, sedekah) 

The Shiekh reminded us on: 
1) Treat your sick family by sedekah (Al-hadith) 

2) Spend money on akhirah 
- eating & drinking well
- umrah 
- hajj 
- buy nice clothes 
- no point on storing money only 

When we put to grave, we feel like we are napping in between Zuhr & Asar only. The Fujjar will feel like it's a lifetime 

How is Rasulullah's shafaat ? 

Shafaat Rasulullah: 
In a hadith narrated by Anas bin Malik, he asked Rasulullah how do I find you in Yaumal akhirah? Rasulullah replied, "Look for me in 3 places 
- Al-kauthar 
- Siratul Mustaqim (at the beginning of the bridge)
- the left hand side of the Allah's throne during the weighing (mizan), so that those in trouble, Allah send them to the left, then Rasulullah intercede & will ask Allah to forgive us. He will say "he is one of my ummah Ya Allah, please forgive him." Anas bin Malik asked, how do you know us? Rasulullah answered because you always say salawat to me
And your faces , your hands & feet will glow from your wudhu'"

Let us say salawat to Rasulullah SAW 

Allahuma solliala saidina Muhammad wa alaa aali Muhammad... ❤️

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