Wednesday 12 November 2014

Sheikh Zoubir (1) : Signs of the Judgement Day - the Minor Signs

Here is the second part of the Tazkirah by Sheikh Zoubir about the signs of the Judgement Day, on the 20th October 2014

Signs of the Judgement Day 

Rasulullah was being asked several times but Rasulullah didn't know the actual date, but there are signs, and the signs are to strengthen our iman 

Hadith Jibrail or hadith Umar also stated about the day of judgement 
- he looked like a stranger but didn't have sign of travelling - clean clothes etc
- he called Rasulullah "Muhammad", all the sahabah called him by the title, not the name. 
- he sat very close to Rasulullah that his knees touches Rasulullah's knees, and he put his hands on the prophet's thigh. 
- he asked about Islam, Iman, ihsan 
- what is the day of judgement 
- morale behind the hadith: cannot leave while the teacher is talking (manners) 

The point is not when will qiamat happen but how do we prepare for it? 

Qiamat 2 types 
- small : our death 
- big : qiamat

Al-masih: masaha : wipe or erase 
- he erase distance, speed to enter cities etc 
- every prophet from Nuh AS warned their people about Dajjal - the worst that can come 

The Minor signs of The Day of Judgement 

- more than a hundred signs 

Do a lot for taubat - not only for sinners. - no taubat will be accepted once the sun rise from the west 

Al-amarat ba'idah (the far signs ) 
- birth of Rasulullah SAW

- the passed away of Rasulullah SAW

- splitting of the moon 

- death of sahabah 

- the muslim open Baitul Maqdis 

- a lot of fitnah - money (number 1 fitnah to human), 
How many of us wake up for work vs wake up for Allah , soccer match vs solatul fajr in masjid, fitnah of gender , fitnah of TV, fitnah of wasting time (wasting of life), riba, fitnah of children (more time spent for children than Allah), fitnah of worshiping ourselves (spending hours on the mirror). -> beautify ourselves to go out but not to face Allah 

- huge fire in Madinah that arise from the ground 

- Rasulullah mentioned that the news will come to our houses & we will be entertained - sahn/ plate / bowl in each house (eg Astro discs)

unfortunately Sheikh said,  we concentrate on hadith on taharah & wudhu but we don't read the rest of the hadith including the one that mentioned about the signs of the Day of Judgement

- major war between 2 groups of muslim- battle of Saffin 

- Khawarij will reject Ali RA

- people who claim they are prophet ( 30 people, so far 29 has claimed) 

- fighting of the Turks - Lawrence of Arabia ( when the Rasulullah said this, the Turks were not muslim yet. The Turks became muslim at the time Uthman) 

- rise of the oppressive people who will be hitting people with baton & whip

- ummah killed - Palestine, Syria , Egypt (5000 people killed in 9 hours in rabia). 

- the Muslims following & do exactly like the westerners - Gucci etc., eating with the left hand etc, 

- women giving birth to their boss i.e. mothers afraid of their daughters. 

- men marrying their slave woman, when the woman get pregnant, the daughter will become the princess 

- high rising building built by poor people 

- tall building in land of najd - example in  Riyadh 

- business everywhere.  Only a little do agriculture 

- world trade organization - all over the world have to follow a certain rules, controlled by Jewish 

- wife doing business with husband - woman shouldn't be doing bisnes but she should be enjoying her motherhood etc.

 - Khadijah had the wealth but she hired men to do the business, not herself. She proposed through a third party, to Rasulullah. 

- the control of some business only by some person. - eg rice/ sugar

- false testimony- rampant 

- ummah will be Jahil about Islam (we are suppose to be the ummah of Iqra) 

- in Iraq at the time of tabi'in, the slave girl's knowledge is the same like today's scholars 

- greed & stinginess amongst Muslims (everyday one ringgit a day for sedekah) - do not let a day pass without giving 

- severing the ties (silaturrahim) 

- bad neighbors 

85 signs altogether 

Major signs of the Day of Judgement
- Masih Al-Dajjal

- ad-Dukhan : the smoke ️from the sky (not haze, not from the earth) 

- the animal (Daabatul Ardh)

- sun rising from the west 

- nabi Isa comes down from heaven

- Yaakjuj & makjuj

- 3 major earthquake (west, east & in arab country)

- the fire from yaman that gathers people 

As the conclusion, Sheikh reminded us that no one can deceive you if you follow AlQuran & sunnah at all times

Allahu Alam

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